Narong Thai


Special Dishes

29 Lamb Shank Massaman Thai_chilli_icon.
Lamb shank with massaman curry, new potatoes, cherry tomato, and cashew nuts.
30 Duck with Tamarind Sauce
Crispy roasted duck on salad garnish; topped with cashew nuts and tamarind sauce.
31 Crying Tiger 2_chilli_icons
Sizzling char grilled sirloin steak; with spicy garlic sauce.
32 Goong Pow
Char grilled jumbo king prawns; with garlic sauce.
33 Goong Choochi 2_chilli_icons
Char grill jumbo king prawns; with spicy coconut curry sauce.
34 Kao Moo Yang 
Sizzling char grilled marinated pork; with garlic sauce.
35 Angry Lamb Thai_spicy_icon.
Stir fried lamb with spicy chilli paste, fine beans and Thai herbs.

Fish Dishes

36 Pla Manow 2_chilli_icons
Steamed sea bass, lemon grass & lime leaf; topped with spicy lime sauce.
37 Pla Choochi 2_chilli_icons
Crispy sea bass; with rich spicy coconut curry sauce.
38 Three Flavoured Fish 2_chilli_icons
Crispy sea bass topped; with spicy, sweet, and sour sauce.


39 Spicy Aubergine Thai_spicy_icon.
Stir fried aubergine with fine beans, onions, peppers, and broccoli.
40 White Heart Garden
Stir fried mixed seasonal veg with chef's sauce.
41 Pad Kaprow Tofu Thai_spicy_icon.
Stir fried tofu with chilli, peppers, fine beans, onion, holy basil.
42 Green Veg Curry 2_chilli_icons
Mixed seasonal vegetables with green curry.
43 Red Veg Curry 2_chilli_icons
Mixed seasonal vegetables with red curry.


44 Pad Thai Noodle
Stir fried rice noodles, spring onions, bean sprouts, ground peanuts; with tamarind sauce. Choice of chicken or prawn.
45 Singapore Noodle Thai_chilli_icon.
Stir fried vermicelli noodles, egg, chicken, prawns, bean sprouts; with Singapore curry powder.
46 Drunken Noodle Thai_spicy_icon.
Stir fried fresh rice noodles, fine beans, bamboo shoots, peppers, holly basil; with spicy chilli garlic sauce.  Choice of chicken, beef, or prawn.
47 Thai Soft Noodle 
Stir fried fresh rice noodles, broccoli, spring greens, carrots, bean sprouts; with duck soya sauce. Choice of chicken, beef, or prawn.
48 Plain Noodle Thai vegetarian food icon.
Stir fried egg noodles with bean sprouts and spring onions.


49 Narongthai Fried Rice
Special fried rice with egg, onions, tomato, and mixed meat.
50 Volcano Fried Rice 2_chilli_icons
Stir fried rice with fine beans, fresh chilli, onions. Choice of chicken, or prawn.
51 Jasmine Rice  £2.95
52 Coconut Rice £3.50
53 Egg Fried Rice  £3.50
54 Sticky Rice  £3.50
55 Garlic Rice £3.50

Extras ( FREE small bag of Prawn Crackers with every order )

  Extra Prawn Crackers £1.00
  Portion of Chips £2.50